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MIT NSE Virtual Reading Room

The Reading Room is under renovation/reconstitution at the moment.  Everything is expected to be settled by the end of November.

About the culling and revamping: Many volunteers have spent collectively over a hundred hours of labor going through the NSE Reading Room collection, throwing or giving away many books, reports, and other materials to bring the reading room to a better state for browsing and to set aside more space for meeting and studying in the reading room itself.  The remaining collection is more efficient, newer, and still retains materials that cannot be found elsewhere.  Meanwhile, materials that can be found in online full text form have been discarded, reports from EPRI have been moved to the library annex, MIT and CANES Reports are being made available through Dspace (links below).  What remains is going to be a small collection of volumes and course materials that are aimed at a browsing collection; grouped by subject matter.  There is no funding for a librarian, but some materials will be kept locked, and student volunteer key holders will be available to sign out materials.  Mostly these will be reserve books, course materials, and Safety Analysis Reports from various reactors.

Welcome to the Nuclear Science and Engineering Virtual Reading Room. This facility is a work in progress and is intended to be relatively simple and self-service. You will find labeled folders that are hopefully self-evident in their contents. See welcome files in each folder for information about the materials in that folder.

All materials are copyright MIT (or the documents’ copyright holder). However, they are intended to be shared among MIT students, faculty and staff for the purposes of aiding education at MIT and preparation for exams. Please do not abuse the privilege of access to this material by spreading it beyond those boundaries.

Please contact Peter Brenton at or Rachel Morton at if you have comments, questions, or student material you want to deposit into the student material folder.

For information about visiting and checking out materials from the Reading Room, see the More Information section below.

Virtual Reading Room Content Folders

Qualifying Exams
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The contents of these folders are scanned copies of the NSE PhD qualifying exams, named for the term and year of the exam. We cannot guarantee that these are exactly and completely the content of the old exams. They are provided as a study aid and as a reference for instructors preparing new exams. There is no guarantee that new exam questions will follow the same format, or even be on the same subjects.

Main Folder/

·         1991-1995/

·         1996-2000/

·         2001-2005/

·         2006/

·         2007/

·         2008/

·         2009/

·         2010/

·         Qualifying Exams\2011\2011 Qualifying Exam.pdf


Course Materials
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Materials in these folders and sub-folders are course materials from prior years, usually scanned from notebooks in the NSE Reading Room. You may also find materials from OpenCourseWare. These should be considered out of date with regard to the current course contents. Materials are provided primarily as a study aid and for reference purposes for current instructors and TAs, and as an archive of past courses.

Folders marked with stars (*) contain some materials and solutions not available on OpenCourseWare.

Main Folder/

·         22.00/

·         *22.01/

·         22.02/

·         *22.05/

·         22.058/

·         22.101/

·         22.106/

·         *22.312/

·         22.314/

·         22.55/

·         *22.812/

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This folder will be used to contain certain specifically requested reports from fission engineering. The reports herein are government funded. They are copyright to the U.S. Federal Government, but the dissemination of un-classified publicly funded reports are subject to the Freedom on Information Act requests and therefore can be provided to anyone who requests such information at no more than the cost of reproduction.

Main Folder/

·         The Future of Nuclear Power – Main Report site is Here including the update and executive summary.

·         The Future of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle at the MITEI web site.

Student Materials
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This folder is intended as a place where NSE students can share their work or their document resources among each other. To have a document stored here please email it to the addresses below. Please indicate if you would like materials to be stored in a specific sub-folder.

Main Folder/

·         Books

·         Software (Windows)/

NSE Reading Room Virtual Resources List

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Some of these resources are MIT-only.

Reading Room Materials

NSE OpenCourseWare

NSE Stellar Course Sites

Search MIT Nuclear Science and Engineering Theses

Digital Library of MIT Theses

Order a Copy of an MIT Thesis

DSpace - MIT's Digital Repository

Publications from WEB.MIT.EDU

MIT NSE Publications

CANES Publications

The Future of Nuclear Power - MIT Study

MIT Industrial Performance Center Working Papers

MIT Laboratory for Energy and the Environment Publications

MIT PSFC Online Preprints

Levitated Dipole Experiment Publications

Alcator C-Mod Publications and News

MIT Boron Neutron Capture Therapy Publications

Newsletters of the MIT Center for Technology, Policy, and Industrial Development

MIT Libraries

MIT Libraries Nuclear Resources


Plasma Science and Fusion Center Library

MIT Libraries Research Consultants

MIT Science Library

MIT Engineering Library

Databases for Nuclear Engineering Periodicals

E-Journals for Nuclear Engineering

External Resources

            EPRI Reports – find your report then request if from the MIT Library Annex

Google Scholar

American Nuclear Society Public Information Resources

Library of Congress

White House Office of Technology and Policy

Chart of the Nuclides

Department Websites

NSE Department Website

MIT ANS Student Section

Francis Bitter Magnet Laboratory

MIT Nuclear Reactor Laboratory

Center for Advanced Nuclear Energy Systems

MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center

MIT Materials Processing Center

More Information on Hours, Directions, and Loan Policies for the Reading Room

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NW12 is at 138 Albany Street, Cambridge, MA

The NSE Reading Room is located on the second floor of the Nuclear Reactor Laboratory building (NW12) at 138 Albany Street. It consists of an inner room, which is only available a few hours a week, and an outer room, which is open 24 hours a day.

Inner Room

  • Doctoral qualifying exams, some with solutions, dating back to 1991
  • All theses which have been submitted to the department
  • Study materials and notes for 300+ department courses from the past 15 years
  • Reserve textbooks and handbooks

For the Spring Semester 2007, the inner room is open Monday and Wednesday from 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM and 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM as well as Fridays 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM. We can open the inner room at other times by special arrangement if email is sent to or to Peter Brenton at

Outer Room

  • Study tables, a public computer terminal with space for file storage, and a copy machine (you may have to bring your own paper)
  • Non-reserve textbooks and handbooks
  • MIT, government, and industrial reports, conference proceedings, and design documents
  • Historical departmental documents

The outer room is available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, if you have MIT ID card or other access to Nuclear Reactor Laboratory building.

If you do not have MIT ID card access, you will have to be let into the building by the receptionist on weekdays between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM, or by the off-hours supervisor between 4:00 PM and midnight. You must have identification with you.

You cannot generally enter the Reactor Laboratory building on weekends or from midnight to 8:00 AM without MIT ID card access for NW12. Speak with the NSE Administrative Office if you would like MIT ID card access into the building.


All outer room materials are due back in two weeks. Inner room materials are loaned for one week. You can renew loans by email or phone. The following restrictions apply:

  • Students may only borrow theses and reserve materials with a note from their supervisor or instructor.
  • Course materials and notes are not loaned. They can only be used or copied in the room.

Contact Information
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MIT Nuclear Science and Engineering Reading Room
77 Massachusetts Avenue, Room NW12-228
Cambridge, MA 02139
Phone: 617-253-4208

Peter Brenton, Administrative Officer
MIT Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering
77 Massachusetts Avenue, Room 24-124
Cambridge, MA 02139
Phone: 617-253-3185